RefQuest Community Guidelines

Welcome to the RefQuest (RQ) Community Guidelines. RQ is excited to be a part of your journey to improve your referee skill set. These guidelines are intended to hold our members to a high standard of conduct while providing an open and transparent platform. Every Guideline, design decision, and RQ action can be traced back to our mission statement: RefQuest is dedicated to the enhancement of each officials skillset. The primary goal of RQ is to propel your career through enhanced decision making ability and community centric collective advancement while shortening the learning curve of officiating.

Video Content and Selectivity

Generally, it is considered “in bad taste” to post plays in which the user is not involved. We understand there are plays and situations that arise from time to time that are worthy of posting when an official isn’t involved. Each member must be cognizant of the perceptions associated with posting such clips. If you are unsure about a particular clip please feel free to email the RQ staff at to receive guidance.

Honest Delivery. Constructive Content

When posting comments of other RQ member’s video, the posts should strive to be both honest and constructive. Comments which are overtly negative and inconsiderate will be removed at the discretion of the RQ staff. Comments which are not relevant to the specific clip may also be removed. Meaningful feedback is the spirit and intent of RQ. Please comment on the video clip itself and not on other RQ member’s comments. We expect the RQ community to comment on the positioning of officials, preventative officiating suggestions and ultimately the net result of the play. Please refer to officials as L (Lead), C (Center/Slot) and T (Trail), instead of using officials names.

We expect all RQ member’s strive to understand other member’s point of view. Keep all commentary civil!

A Journey Without Destination

Please tailor your content to the level of officials in the respective group. Referees are all striving to become the best they can and are all on different points along that path. Keep in mind that we all are at different points along the referee journey!

The RQ user base ranges from entry level officials working high school through those with multiple Final Fours at the NCAA Division I level. For this reason, we have separated the RQ community into a High School platform and a College platform, also separating men’s and women’s. Comments on posts are a reflection on your professionalism, and by extension, your character. Keep in mind, your peers, supervisors and high level officials will view your clips and comments. We encourage each member to use their best judgement when posting opinions and plays which may be against the grain of the group. Diverse discussion with unique play types are what make the RQ Community great!

Individuals who post content not in accordance with the RQ Community Guidelines may be subject to post deletion, video removal or membership suspension.